We love good leadership

When leadership is happening well, there’s no doubt that we love it!

We know where we are headed. We know how to make our best contribution and what purpose or cause our efforts are going towards, and that feels good.

When leadership is good, we feel motivated by the work we’re doing because the picture of an exciting future has been clearly painted. We can see how getting there benefits us, the organisation and perhaps even society as a whole.

Of course the opposite of all the above it true when leadership is not good. And leadership is not a ‘thing’, it’s a person…or better still, multiple people, leading well.

Whatever it takes for you to lead well, really well, is absolutely worth it. The difference it makes to you and those you lead is huge.

3 Responses to We love good leadership

  1. Have you ever read “Managing Oneself” by Peter Drucker? I think you would like it. It’s a really quick read, and definitely worth the small investment.

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