If you’re looking for one-to-one coaching, you can apply to join – read on below. If you’re reading this and we’ve not yet met, drop me a line directly or book onto my next Foundations of Success Workshop.

It’s all about helping you maintain the Leading Edge

Grab a cuppa, take a brief pause from the day’s work and read on (& make sure you keep going to the bit with the offer bit at the end!)

For a few years now I’ve been handling regular requests from people who have worked with me and are looking for some degree of ongoing support in the consistent application of key things they’ve learned. They know how important these things are to their success, but still find they can easily be squeezed out in the midst of all the pressing day-to-day issues of leading a business.

You’ve already been introduced to some of the crucial skills of effective planning and goal-setting that are part of what I regularly teach through the LMI programmes but, (and I know from my own experience) it’s incredibly easy to fall off the wagon. This is why I am massively focussed on lasting results and helping you keep on track for the long-haul. And so Leading Edge was born…

As the study below highlights, when you have someone you are regularly sharing your goals with, and reporting on progress, you are twice as likely to achieve them than someone who just writes them down…and 76% more likely than someone who does neither. ​

The ‘trusted friend’ role is exactly the feel of what I have been providing in an informal capacity and am now offering to you…except with the added ‘expert advisor‘ benefit which gives me more scope to be objective and possibly a sharper ability to hold you to account when it comes to implementation of your plans.

​I’ve called this Leading Edge because it is designed exclusively for those who have responsibility to lead:

The quality of leadership in any organisation is HUGE in it’s impact upon the success of that organisation. Many leaders I’ve worked with tell me that it’s really hard to keep the focus on leading well when there are so many nitty-gritty issues to continually deal with. Leading Edge will create a regular opportunity for leaders to ‘hang out’ around leadership issues – a sounding board to discuss, review, learn and think deeply about how to lead their organisation and their people into the future they desire to create.

There is loads I could write to build the case for what Leading Edge will have to offer but my suspicion is that you already have a fair idea whether this is something you’d like &/or need to join in with. You already know me and have an idea of what I can offer so I’ll quickly fill out the detail of what this will involve and then leave the decision with you.

1. Monthly Goals Review

Great leaders require mastery of the goal setting, goal tracking and goal review process and this is why a one hour monthly review of the top goals of the leader is central to the Leading Edge format.I have developed a simple and super-effective Big 5 / Top 10 system for keeping on track with your most important goals and measuring weekly progress which I’ll help all Leading Edge members to set up and implement.

2. The Leaders’ Library

It’s often been said that ‘Leaders are readers’, and yet time can be so short to process all the quality literature and best ideas in the world of leadership and management. For me, this is my profession and my passion. It’s where I spend loads of my time and I’ll be sharing book summaries along with reports on key leadership lessons and case studies, as well as sending you copies of books that you can’t afford not to read!  I will also be recording a monthly interview with a leader in their field who has an interesting story that will instruct and inspire other leaders. This will be audio that you can listen to whilst you’re out and about.

3. Leaders’ Community

There are stacks of online communities and live events that you can go and I’ve no intention of re-inventing the wheel. There are very few though that are solely for the sharing and discussion of leadership issues so I host occasional online and in-person hangouts dedicated to specific leadership subjects.

4. Discounted Leadership Development

Leading Edge is a supplement to, not a replacement of, the best way I know to develop practical leadership knowledge and skills. The LMI ‘Total Leader’ development programmes are truly world-class resources and remain the core service I offer. I don’t know of a better way to help the leaders I work with than to make it easy and affordable for them to embark on all 4 of the Total Leader programmes: Personal Productivity; Personal Leadership; Motivational Leadership; Strategic Leadership.

Leading Edge members (& any of their staff) will receive a 25% discount on the purchase of all LMI leadership programmes for as long as they remain a member (value: £500 – £1000 per programme).

Leading Edge membership also includes 1 complimentary place on the half day Foundations of Success Workshop for every 3 months of membership (value £249).

Leading Edge is the opportunity to work with me on a monthly basis to accelerate the accomplishment of your goals and to help you maintain a healthy focus on leadership excellence

Cost & Terms

With my own limited capacity at the moment, Leading Edge is capped at 10 members and is available at a fixed monthly cost. Drop me a line for full details.

Anyone who joins Leading Edge in 2022 will receive the massive bonus of the 1st Total Leader programme, Effective Personal Productivity (value £2500), completely free! See here for full programme details.

There a minimum contract length of 6 months, however if you feel that you have not gained at least a 2:1 return on your Leading Edge investment after the first 3 months, I will refund all of your fees and terminate our agreement.

There are only 6 spaces. ARE YOU IN?

Complete the form below and I will respond promptly to discuss your application.

When the six spaces are full I operate a waiting list for new applications to be considered when places become available. 

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