If you’re looking for an experienced, professional, humorous and down-to-earth speaker for your event, away-day or conference, please get in touch to discuss availability.


“Excellent delivery, anecdotes, really inspirational.”

“Charismatic speaker with some great easy-to-understand examples.”

“Friendly manner made it so much more interesting and enjoyable.”

“So many lightbulb moments. I loved it!”

Scotconf17 delegates.




“animated, energetic speaker who also had great content”

“Very engaging speaker, good fun, motivating and provided lots of valuable tips and advice”

“Dynamic and energetic speaker that makes you feel motivated to make a change and that there are simple measures to take to improve things”

“Really enjoyed this – Nick’s a really engaging speaker.”

“Great energy, good examples, humility and easy to access.”

“Great presenter, light hearted but very business orientated.”

(#ScotConf2016 delegates)


“Nick is a gifted and inspirational speaker. He is engaging to listen to and offers sound, proven and practical solutions for Executives who are serious about working more efficiently and effectively.”  (Rachel Bright, Birmingham Chamber of Commerce Expo delegate)

“Nick is a high-energy speaker who engages audiences with interactive workshops full of practical examples, real-life stories and useful ideas.” (Leadership Seminar Organiser)

I will gladly supply references and subject titles.


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