About Nick

I’m 45, married to Silje, and dad to Eden, Mattias and Jonar who are 16, 15 and 14.

njhprofile_smallI have been in leadership development, personal effectiveness and various other aspects of training / coaching for twelve years. In 2009 I came across Leadership Management UK, part of the global company LMI and was so impressed with the material and also the ethos/process behind the way leadership and personal development is implemented, I joined the company!

In recent times I have joined in partnership with Nescot College for the delivery of management apprenticeships. I work with organisations in the development of their leaders and managers as well as assisting them with fitting the right people in the right roles, whether that’s hiring, succession-planning or talent development.

I moved from Potters Green, Coventry to Bookham, Surrey in 2014.  I am very blessed to have two fantastic office / training bases. One is the fantastically picturesque Nettle Hill just outside Coventry – I just don’t spend very time there these days! The other is more local to where I now live, Thorncroft Manor, Leatherhead.

I enjoy getting outside in my spare time as much possible – walking, playing and watching football… even a bit of cross-country skiing on winter trips to Norway with Silje’s family!

I have in recent years been involved with loads of other things – school governor, Rotary Club, charity trustee etc and many new activities have been opened up to us following my wife’s recent below-knee amputation and introduction to some fantastic disability sport opportunities!

I enjoy good quality strong black coffee and like almost all my food spicy.

Originally from the South East, I grew up near Epsom in Surrey and moved to the Midlands to study Geography and P.E. at Loughborough University. I remained in Loughborough until 2002 when I married Silje and we moved to Coventry, before the move back South in Autumn 2014. I love the sea and plan to live nearer it one day! Oh, and I support Southampton Football Club and am successfully indoctrinating at least some of my kids to feel the same!

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