But I’m NOT a leader!

I hear this quite a lot. Maybe you do too. Maybe you’ve even said it, or at least thought it on occasions. It’s been said many, many times that we behave in a manner consistent with how we see ourselves. Therefore if I don’t see myself as a leader, I don’t behave like a leader.

It’s really common for big surveys to suggest that most organisations admit they have a leadership gap i.e. not enough leaders to fill the important roles they need filling. Developing quality leaders is therefore an essential task for every owner / CEO / director / senior team. 

I’d like to make it more personal as well though. It’s also an essential task for me…and you. If I don’t think I’m a leader then I won’t lead my own life very well either. I am faced with the huge realisation that I need to take all those fantastic leadership principles and qualities and tactics and strategies that I read about, study and even teach others about, and apply them to my own life. The exciting part of this for business leaders is that the better your people become at leading themselves, the better they are going to be in the workplace too. Developing leaders is a classic win:win and yet so many organisations…and individuals…seriously under-invest in it.

On Thursday this week I’m speaking at the Cherwell HR Club on the subject of ‘Developing a Personal Leadership Culture. It’s really got me thinking. I’ll post some more on this subject as my thoughts develop in preparation for that session. 

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