Sunday afternoon in A&E


It had been in the diary for three weeks and my youngest son Jonar, who is six, was seriously over-the-top excited.

As a reward for something (I can’t even remember what!), he got to take a friend bowling. Such was the enthusiasm for this weekend excursion, within ten minutes of being there, as he was hurrying back to the lane having chosen the finest looking selection of bowling balls, he tripped, fell and broke his arm. The rest of Sunday was spent in A&E.

My instinct as a parent was to instruct my immature and careless son about the need to be more cautious, not to run about in crowded places and – I cringe at the thought that I might actually have said this – not get so over-excited.

Reflecting on all this over the last couple of days I’ve very definitely changed my mind.

Life is meant to be exciting. We should be super-enthusiastic about things that we do…even if that means we are more likely to risk a break.

Whether its a work project, a family trip, my goals for my business, or just going about my days, I should be excited about it and act enthusiastically. Kids do this naturally until, sadly, many see it gradually eroded by the cautioning words of well-meaning adults.

I was that adult. I repent!

I choose to promote enthusiasm.
I choose to practice enthusiasm.

Feel free to join me. I think we’ll have more fun!

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