Personal or Professional Development?

May 17, 2018

Most are familiar with the concept of CPD – continuous professional development – the practice of continually improving your knowledge and skills in your field of work.

I was with some colleagues yesterday and one shared the thought that whilst we mostly talk about our LMI programmes as professional development tools, the greatest impact for anyone who has the privilege of going through one or more of these programmes is always personal.

Having coached many people through LMI programmes in the last decade, I absolutely agree.

It’s how people change in attitude, confidence, motivation etc that makes the biggest difference. It’s these personal growth factors which then cause someone to implement the management and leadership behaviours that are taught within the programmes with purpose and consistency. Personal growth leads to professional impact.

This is why Personal Leadership is the foundation element of LMI’s ‘Total Leader’® Concept and the starting point of all effective leadership development initiatives.

If you want to lead, begin with leading yourself.

“Personal leadership is the most important element of institutional transformation.”   Lou Gerstner, Former CEO – IBM

“If you seek to lead, invest at least 50% of your time leading yourself – your own purpose, ethics, principles, motivation, conduct.”  Dee Hock, Founder – Visa International

Download your own Personal Leadership Self-Evaluation here and do something significant about your own professional (personal!) development.

It’s all built on trust

March 11, 2014

Personal Leadership demands that trust be present and that’s not always easy. Trust can easily be broken or undermined when things don’t go as we’d hoped they would or the person / people we trusted in don’t act as we’d expected.

This gets right to the heart of the leadership challenge – do I trust my people enough to let them take responsibility for the success and performance of our team / company / organisation?

Many leaders find this really hard and as a consequence are working all hours and handling all the big decisions themselves….and it’s slowing killing them!

The solution then when it comes to developing a culture of personal leadership is setting a course by which trust is gradually given, and earned, in ever-increasing measure. In my experience, most people prove far more trustworthy and capable than was expected. Of course there will be negative experiences and those who let you down, but that risk is definitely worth taking in return for the fantastic rewards of an empowered, creative team of leaders who are daily solving problems, creating solutions, developing new ideas and growing the capacity of the whole organisation through their own personal leadership.

The start of something big!

October 29, 2013


Today I am starting to blog a series of reflections about confidence because over the last couple of years I’ve formed the opinion that its probably the single biggest factor in how much of what we are capable of achieving, we actually do go on and accomplish.
Whether you agree with this or not, I hope you find my musings helpful.
I’ve watched my kids doing homework and noticed that the same tasks can either drag for seemingly hours of hard, slow, painful effort, or be whizzed through in no time…and largely this has been down not to their ability to do the tasks, but their confidence in their ability to do the tasks.
I’ve watched people in business not achieve due to massive lack of confidence in their ability to go out and make the right things happen. I’ve then watched others with less obvious talent and ability, but with much higher confidence levels, set about massively outperforming their less confident counterparts.
I also notice this in myself too. I notice it in sport, in TV talent shows and in social situations.
It’s huge, and I thought I’d write about it! More tomorrow.