A PowerPoint failure victory!

A very interesting conversation took place yesterday when I went to meet with an L&D Director who had attended a Foundations of Success half-day workshop I ran recently in London.

Half way through running that workshop I had what seemed like a major disaster. The computer I was using to present slides packed in. I tried to access the file on a backup computer at the venue via my cloud storage but it was having none of it…so I ran the second half of the course without any slides at all.

What a nightmare!

Here’s the interesting part. In our meeting yesterday the lady I was meeting with told me that one of the reasons she was interested to work with me was the obvious depth of knowledge and genuine passion for the subject exhibited in being able to run the rest of the session effectively despite the technical glitch (or calamity as it felt at the time)!

Interesting stuff. Presentation experts always say that slides are a backup not the main event when you’re speaking or presenting. Yesterday for me was a stark reminder how true that is.

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