Caught in the act

It’s really common for managers and leaders to say nothing when their people are doing OK, even pretty well. Maybe they get a positive comment or two if something really good happens….but nothing over the top. Oh, no. We’re not into all that high-fiving and “You’re the man” style of management!

When things don’t go so well though, that behaviour can get jumped on quicker than you can say ‘unacceptable’.

Maybe that should change. How about keeping eyes and ears continually open with a focus to continually catch people in the act of doing things right, or well, or better than expected?

Not just to see it, or hear about it, and do nothing.  What about making a deal of it? Say something. Write something. Offer a commendation or a reward. Buy ’em a coffee. Take them out to lunch.

Certainly in the UK I think we massively underdo this. Try it. See what happens. See if people appreciate it and observe whether performance goes generally up, or down. I’d be prepared to put money on the former!


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