I really can’t stand porridge

The year has started in unprecedented fashion for me – I’ve had porridge for breakfast yesterday and today. That’s more porridge than I’ve previously eaten in my whole life. I really can’t stand the stuff. It’s disgusting, gloopy, tasteless mush!

Problem is, I’ve discovered that it’s extremely good for me. Honestly, I’ve known that for years, it’s only now that I’ve done something about it.

What prompted this massive U-Turn?

My kids.

For a number of reasons, getting the smallest members of Team Howes off to school with a healthy meal inside them, ready to face the day with energy and enthusiasm suddenly became top of the priority list in our household. Now the slow cooker goes on each night and there’s a steaming pot full of healthy goodness waiting for us each morning and I am utterly cornered. You see:

Example isn’t part of leading. It is everything.

So that’s why I’m eating porridge. I have to, otherwise I have no credible authority when it comes to encouraging my kids to do the same.

As you manage and lead in your own work, as well as other aspects of your life, remember example is everything…and as a handy side-effect, whatever you want to encourage others into has a super-high probability of doing you a heap of good too!

Through the month of January I’ll be sharing some thoughts about management and leadership basics – fundamentals for setting a good example. I’ll be delighted if you join me!


“You can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips.”  Oliver Goldsmith



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