Well-grooved stupidity!

I am writing this from a coffee shop just across the street from Gloucester Road tube station where I arrived an hour ago, 90 minutes before my 6.30pm dinner appointment down the road at The Bentley Hotel….which is very nice by the way!

I needed somewhere to park myself so I could make a productive use of the time so I came out of the station, walked past this large, spacious, inviting, EMPTY coffee shop headed for the Starbucks two doors down.

The Starbucks is tiny and crowded. Not a great place to spread out and get some work done, but I wanted to go in. Crazy. I only just brought myself to my senses, spun a 180 turn and headed into this coffee shop.

I was greeted by friendly staff, brought a very nice coffee – no queueing – and took over a four-person table with my computer, notebook, book to read and associated paraphernalia. I then set about a very comfortable and productive hour of work!

Look at all that lovely space!

Look at all that lovely space!

Crazy thing is, I’l probably try and head for the Starbucks again next time because that’s what I know. It’s familiar. I’m tempted to say it’s comfortable, but it’s not. This is much better.

There are so many ways in which we can make unconsciously poor choices that hinder our productivity and ultimately our results. It’s well-grooved stupidity.

When it comes to working smarter and improving productivity, it often involves parting company with some well-worn paths to explore new, more effective roads. There have been some incredibly lively discussions about just these kind of issues at the Success Workshops I’ve run recently – particularly relating to how we use email!

The old, familiar way can be absolutely fine, just as long as there’s not a better option right next door. Perhaps it’s at least worth trying the ‘other’ at least once and see how you get on!

One Response to Well-grooved stupidity!

  1. Ernie says:

    This rings a bell Nick, but in Starbucks favour their offer of a free refill does make the visit worthwhile, But I have known days when I’ve gone in with a computer that needed charging, and found all the sockets taken, and yet stayed. The hope that one becomes free is followed by a rugby scrum when it does.

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