Some selected comments from young people who’ve completed The Making of a Champion programme

I have been reading through many interview with young people who have completed this programme. I’m seriously moved and inspired by what I’ve read. I know many who follow this blog are interested in the impact this youth development programme is having so I thought it a good idea to share some of the quotes. I haven’t used names, these are published elsewhere – just the comments which capture the flavour of how this course has helped them.

“my biggest success is not really tangible. I learned about making responsible decisions, being strong and authentic, taking care of my body, experiencing satisfaction, and taking my life into my hands and designing it myself – that, for me, is true success.”

“for the first time I thought about my dreams and goals.”

“The course was great, without exaggeration! On one hand you receive great instruments for managing yourself, and you are taught how to use them. And on the other hand you learn much about the social world, and you grow more conscious about dealing with your fellow people and with yourself.”

“My organising ability has improved tremendously. I can also better deal with my fellow people than before, and I have gained a lot of self-confidence.”

“I learned to do away with my laziness and working on my motivation. I started setting greater goals for myself and reaching these via several smaller milestones.”

The are many more. This is just a flavour. Inspiring stuff happens when young (or less young!) people commit themselves to a programme of sustained personal development and begin to take action in line with important personal goals.

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