Serious power upgrade

We just moved into a new house and I had some ‘dismantling’ to do of various items left by the previous owners, some of which involved cutting some metal frames.

My limited experience told me to go searching through my equally limited toolbox for a hacksaw – it would have done the job…but it would have taken me ages, and expended a lot of energy.

Enter the hero of the story, my brother-in-law who, on hearing about my intended endeavors, goes to his garage and pulls out one of these little beauties!

angle grinder

Upshot was that I got the job done in just a couple of minutes and it was loads of fun…so I’ve been dangerously wandering around the garden looking for other things I can remodel 🙂

It’s a simple analogy to what I find so often in my work with managers and leaders – there are some really powerful tools that are the equivalent of a massive power upgrade when it comes to handling their own responsibilities and the day-to-day affairs of the team effectively.

The only way to discover these tools is to pause from the hectic daily activity long enough to find out what they are and to learn how to use them.

That’s all for now – I’m off back to the brother-in-law’s garage to borrow the chainsaw!

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