Last week’s plan won’t work this week!

It’s the first day of the summer holidays!

I’ve got three kids in primary school and they broke up for the summer last Friday, which makes today the first day of the holidays. We’ve got a couple of weeks away on holiday, but otherwise for me, like so many other working parents, the next 7 weeks pose a different mix of challenges to the normal term-time routine.

My wife has a chronic painful foot condition called CRPS, so we have the added challenge of her limited capacity and mobility.

All of this simply to state that this week is starkly different to last week. Last week’s plan won’t work this week. I need a new one. It may not always be quite so blatant, but the same is true for most of us, most weeks. There may be a couple of days that look quite different to usual, some important event or sales meeting….perhaps a key member of staff is on holiday or off sick, or you have a significant project that needs seriously moving forward…

That’s why the most important way to start every week is with this week’s plan. A few helpful questions to consider:

1) What are the three most crucial victories you’d like to achieve this week?

2) What appointments – with others and with yourself for crucial work – need to be scheduled?

3) What will success look like (be specific) come Friday evening and how will you reward youself for getting there?

Hope this has prompted some useful thought on a Monday morning – have a great week and don’t forget to make sure this week contains plenty of fun stuff too!



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