Why don’t we all drive a Fiesta?

I was at a client’s premises today and looking out of the reception area I could see around 20 different staff cars parked just outside. Here’s the thing that struck me in the few minutes I had to myself before the start of the course I was running – there weren’t any two cars the same. There were two Vauxhalls and two BMWs and I think two Hondas, and then, of the others I remember, a Kia, a Nissan, a Ford, a Hyundai and a Jag…..O yes, and a Citroen, an Audi and a few others.

As someone currently looking at getting a new car sometime soon, I’m up-to-date with the WhatCar.com list of best cars in each category but…and here’s my big question… why doesn’t everyone just buy the ‘best’ car in the category that they are looking for?

Why aren’t there just a couple of choices of car for each shape, size, level of performance etc?

It reminded me that people are phenomenally unique and complex and make their own choices for a whole myriad of different reasons. We don’t just make the obvious, sensible decisions. We have taste, preference, individual personality, style and motivating factors.

Anyone involved with people (which I’m guessing includes you, just as it does me!) needs to be aware of this and interact with people accordingly. There’s no shortcut – it takes time to develop relationships, get to know people and understand them if you want to optimise performance and maximise peoples’ potential. More importantly though, it’s a good, friendly and ethical way to treat people. Both your life and theirs are the better for it.

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