Becoming a better you

We often focus on setting goals (maybe you call them objectives or targets) for the things we want to achieve, the tasks or projects that need to be accomplished or a set of specific results that need to be attained. All very good and as it should be, except where one key aspect of the goals process is neglected.

Way too often I find that people, teams and organisations have no specific goals for personal development – i.e. there is no clear focus on helping the people involved to become a better version of themselves. You can’t ‘do better’ without ‘becoming better’, whether that’s growth in confidence, self-discipline, determination, responsibility or some other key area of a person’s character that makes the difference between OK performance and outstanding performance.

A major concerted leap forward one of these areas can have a huge and transformational impact and we’d be nuts not to focus at least as much on setting goals for growth in these areas as the more tangible ones that are easier to measure.

I’ll end with this question:

What area of growth in your own personal development would have the greatest impact on your life and work?

Why not set a goal to make it happen?!>

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