A manager’s major task

Today’s blog on the theme of personal leadership carries two quotes that I think sum up the whole situation fantastically well when it comes to a manager’s role in developing an empowered team of people. They are both taken from ‘The One Minute Manager develops High PerformingTeams’:

“Your job is to educate your people, to help them develop to the point where they can take responsibility for their work and to give them opportunities to perform.”

“Your job is to help all team members develop the skills and knowledge so they become self-directed and to provide an environment where they feel willing to risk, to grow, to take responsibility and to use their creativity.”

If you lead anyone, if you are a manager in any capacity, if you lead teams of people, read these lines and digest them! As a parent as well, I’ve not read anything that better sums up my task in this role either.

In essence, work hard to develop people so they can shine!

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