Why I feel so passionate about…

OK, here’s a bit of an outburst about why I am such an advocate of the LMI Effective Personal Management course that I run and why I have decided to launch such a ridiculously good offer on this in order to unashamedly entice sensible, sane, intelligent and wise people like yourself to take the plunge and come try it out!

It’s an age-old adage that something everyone has in common is time. We all have the same amount of the stuff:

– 24 hours a day

– 168 hours per week

– 365 days each year

As someone arrived on a recent Effective Personal Management course they announced, “I did a time management course 15 years ago so I’m not sure how valuable this is going to be.”

That same person left four and half hours later with a very different thought about the value of the day. They had loved it!

You see, using your time well to accomplish this or that task using up as few of your 1440 minutes quota for that day as possible is all well and good, but who’s to say that it was the right task to be doing in the first place!

That’s where the focus must shift from time management to effective personal management, and that’s where this course comes in. It describes ‘personal management’ as:

taking personal responsibility to do the right things, the right way, in order of priority.”

It is so incredibly easy to actively blame others for what we have or haven’t done, or passively just accept that things will always be the same, and important, valuable things in our lives will never get done because of the myriad of other stuff that’s always leaping ahead in the manic scrabble for our attention.

Effective personal management is about taking time out, away from the pressure and intensity of your work, your family life, the 1001 jobs to do round the house…whatever it is that engulfs you… and starting to think about the following questions:

* what is most important to me in life?

* what do I want from my business / career?

* what are my dreams and goals?

* what activities are going to get me to achieve those dreams and goals?

* at work, what are my most important ‘high payoff’ activities and how can I work smarter rather than just throw more hours at it?

* how much time do I want to protect, at all costs, for myself, my health, my husband / wife / partner, my kids, my friends?

* what contribution do I want to make to my community? to the world? and what am I going to do about that this week?

* how much rest, and what kind of rest, do I need to function at my best?

Throwing these kinds of questions at you is easy. Anyone can do it. You’ve probably heard it before, tried some of, started out with good intentions, succeeded a little, failed a lot! That at least would be my autobiography of many years.

If only someone could help me with a way of keeping on going with these great ideas. Is there not some system out there that is more than just the latest tasks and to-do list app? Something which can really help me stop, think, plan, set goals, review goals, schedule time for the most important things, and the most important people, at work and at home?

I could write reams and reams more, but I think you get the picture. I love the LMI Effective Personal Management course because it not only looks at what you should be doing, it also provides you with the tools – a tried and tested personal success system – to start and keep on doing the right things on a monthly and daily basis to achieve the success that you desire.

For £49, with a 100% money-back guarantee, that’s gotta be worth a go!

There it is, I’ve spilt the beans with the offer. My usual price for the Effective Personal Management course is £389 + Vat. My offer is £49 + Vat  for the first person from any organisation to attend.

I mentioned the guarantee. Another client said to me this week, “I wish I’d come across this ten years ago, Nick.” I said I felt exactly the same myself. Therefore, in order to potentially swing just one more person to take up the challenge and come along, I’m doubling the guarantee. If you come along to one of these courses for £49 and don’t feel it was a fantastic use of your time and money, I’ll refund £98!

Find out more about upcoming dates and venues in Coventry and Warwickshire via the event booking page:


…and drop me a line on n.howes@lmi-uk.com to request your personal £340 off promo code.

That’s all. Rant over. Have a great day!

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