Upgrade your GPS

I work at beautiful place called Nettle Hill which is a converted old farm, up a track, pretty darn close to the M6. Easy to get to therefore…you would think!

Most people find it quite easily, but occasionally someone arrives for a course, event or meeting there having quite obviously had a nightmare journey. Often it turns out this is the fault of their SatNav which because of some bizarre glitch in the software, has tried to get them to make a direct left turn off the M6, where there is no junction, and drive five hundred yards across the field to their destination, Nettle Hill!

If I’m feeling brave, I sometime ask how long it is since the motorist in question upgraded their GPS software. “How long since you plugged it into your computer and downloaded the latest version of the maps for your device?”

This would solve the problem. It hasn’t been done. Not for ages. Sometimes years!

In the same way, every business, every organisation of any kind, as well as each individual, needs to have an up-to-date, fit-for-purpose GPS – a Goal Planning System…one that actually works and gets you where you want to get to, rather than leaving you sailing past your intended destination because there wasn’t a turn-off where you expected it to be. Worse still, you never actually defined where you wanted to go in the first place. You’re just driving.

I’ll be writing a series of blogs of what comprises an effective Goal Planning System over the next couple of weeks. Watch this space – it could make a massive difference to you…and your business.

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