A brighter future

Nothing moves and motivates people to great action and achievement more than a compelling vision – a picture of a brighter future, a better world, a purpose worthy of their best efforts.

We all have desire for that ‘brighter future’ to include the things personal to us – personal finance, security, family and friends etc, but there also lies within each of us (sometimes deeper than others!) a sense of wanting to give, to help, to share and to contribute towards a greater good.

If we wish to see extraordinary efforts from ourselves and those we work with, then matching these two elements – a vision of a brighter future personally, as well as for others… for the world…for our neighbourhood – will likely yield incredible rewards, both in terms of productive work, as well as happy, fulfilled workers! I am continually amazed by the potential of my fellow human beings to care greatly about things which are ultimately unselfish.

A few minutes taken to begin formulating the picture of a brighter future that we dream of might just be the most important few minutes I, and perhaps you too, might spend today.

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