What’s the most important thing?

A couple of years ago my wife and I went on a marriage course – I know, I’m a training addict… I love going on courses (!) – as it turns out, it was great. Full of useful practical ideas to make relationships work better (The Marriage Course) and I’d recommend it to anyone who’s married or in a long-term relationship.

One of things I remember best from the course was this:

– when the other person is sharing information with you, listen fully, engage, respond, ask for clarification etc, etc, and then, when everything’s been said, ask them, “What’s the most important thing about what you’ve been saying?”

What a great question.

As I was thinking about my business today, and contemplating all the things I needed to get done, as well as all those ideas and possibilities that I could get done, I found myself asking the same question to myself:

What’s the most important thing?

What will propel me towards achieving my most important goals?

What will help me reach new customers?

What will help me best serve my customers?

What will help me to be the best dad I can be?

What will help me to have the most positive impact in my community?

Or as our Olympians might ask it: what will most help me to jump higher, run faster, cycle quicker, row harder or shoot more accurately?

What’s the most important thing?

One Response to What’s the most important thing?

  1. Nick, as ever, you are an inspiration!

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