The problem with productivity

I do a lot of work helping people become more productive – getting more of the right things done, in less time, to produce more of the results they are looking for.

There is, however, one potentially critical problem with a drive towards improving productivity. The problem is this: if you’re not careful, everything is reduced to being a thing to do, a tick off on a list, an outcome to be achieved. 

There are some things you do that must be done with feeling – your work is an art, an expression of your creative best. It needs to be paused over, enjoyed. The people involved – customers, team members, friends – need to be appreciated, engaged, earnestly listened to. The satisfaction of the work itself must not be missed in those things that you do where you feel like “I do this well”, “This is what I was born for!”

Be productive; strive for improvement; deal with the stuff, of course…in order to really enjoy the heart of your work. That’s when what you do will make the greatest impact – and you’ll feel great! 

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