Clarify & Communicate Strategy

Later this week I am beginning the LMI ‘Effective Strategic Leadership’ programme with a company in Coventry so I’ve been brushing up on the course content and, in the process, the course content has been working its work on me!

Its a five lesson programme which is in essence very simple –

  1. The power of strategic leadership
  2. Strategic purpose: why we exist
  3. Strategic assessment: where we stand now
  4. Strategic development: where we want to go
  5. Strategic execution: making strategy happen

Take the middle three lessons and you have incredibly important questions that have been causing me, and perhaps you as you read this and think about your own situation, to consider carefully the very foundations of why I do what I do.

Whatever you are involved with, implementing a great strategic plan is crucial – but only one you’ve clarified why you exist, where you stand now and where do you want to go.

As you do this, you may well find, as I have these last couple of weeks, that the drive, the energy and the desire to get on and do more, to do better, grows stronger than ever as your core purpose is made more crystal clear than ever before!

Once this step is completed, you can effectively communicate it to others which is always a key to seeing levels of engagement, motivation and productivity soar.

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