The practice of a good practice

The practice of a good practice is a practice that we really should practice!

Makes sense right?

It has been well said that you are what you do every day. If you want to change anything, move forward in any way, learn a new skill or implement a new discipline into your life, there simply is no secret formula to do this – it just takes practice!

Think about it like brushing your teeth – how can you break the new behaviour that you desire into something that initially takes just a few minutes, but you can repeatedly do every day until it becomes a habit?

That’s one reason why one-hit training can be so ineffective and the LMI process of working with people over an extended period of weeks and months yields such powerful results. Whether its your own personal productivity, the nitty-gritty of leading and managing people, or the art of leading your organisation, there are dozens of good practises that you could adopt, but only doing it one-at-a-time, over time, with perseverance , will result in lasting change.


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