Train through the pain

I write this as a dad to three kids aged 7, 6 and 4. They constantly amaze me with their desire to do new things, and their capacity to learn new skills really quickly. There is, however, always a temptation when one of them comes and wants to join in some activity or other that I’m doing. They want to understand what’s happening and to play a meaningful part in it whereas I’m usually thinking that I want to get it done as quick as possible and move onto the next thing.

What I’m beginning to realise though is that there are more and more things that, if I’m prepared to take a bit of extra time and show one of my kids how to do it, and then be patient with them as they learn it and practice it, they will then very happily carry on doing so I don’t have to – result! Cutting the grass may be a thing of the past for me by next summer the way its going!

The same can be true in work – its always easy to think it’ll be quicker to just do it yourself BUT if you take a bit of extra time, maybe there’s a load of things that you could delegate to others and with a bit of initial pain in terms of things taking a little longer to train and coach them up to speed, you’ll find a stack of your time freed up for other things….and maybe end up with more motivated, empowered team members to boot!

One Response to Train through the pain

  1. Tim Boxall says:

    As a wise person once said, “Every time you do something yourself, you deny someone else the opportunity of learning”!

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