Priorities really are a priority

I’m sure you are just like me in that you know people whose attitudes vary enormously when it comes to planning, organising, prioritising, scheduling, goal setting and the like. At one end of the scale there are those who plan everything, social life included, to the very n’th degree and for whom to not do so would be unthinkable. The polar opposite position is held by those for who everything is spontaneous, responsive, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants…

I’m sure you get the idea, and you, like me, are probably somewhere in between these two extremes. There is no escaping the fact though that some things ARE more important than others.

Some activities generate you income – others don’t.

Some activities empower, skill and motivate your team – others don’t.

Some activities help foster positive relationships – others don’t.

Success belongs to those who know their priorities, and continually prioritise their priorities, in order to give their best efforts to the most important things. This is massive in business, and perhaps greater still in life generally. Priorities really are a priority.

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