Yes, but WHY?

Great to get on with things and work hard and persevere…and great when others pull their weight and contribute to the team effort, but without a really strong ‘Why’, that effort and motivation and desire is always likely to wain sooner rather than later, and the job becomes a labour of love and it feels more like an obligation than a passion.

Having said that, it often doesn’t take long just to pause and remember the ‘why’ – the reason that you started out on this journey in the first place, the benefits of hitting that deadline, the impact of making it work – and thus invoke the motivation once again to continue with enthusiasm and energy.

I have small children and they love to ask ‘Why?’ Its easy to become frustrated, but we always get a better result in terms of desired response from them when we take a little time to explain the reason or purpose behind what we’re asking….or even better, to get them to!

Grown ups aren’t a whole lot different. Things can seem very different when we take a few moments to remember the why!

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