I’m bigger on the inside

I can’t remember where I heard this from or the particular person in question but it’s memorable none-the-less:

A famous speaker of the 19th Century who was not an especially large man received some kind of derogatory comment and replied something along the lines of:

“I may look small, but I’m a hundred times bigger on the inside.”

This is a great comment! Here are a few of the things I think help make us big on the inside:

– practicing thinking well of yourself

– don’t try and be great at everything

– develop a positive attitude towards mistakes & failures

– understand that you won’t get on great with everyone

– set out to enjoy every day, make friends and have fun

– remember to take pleasure in even very little victories

– give to others wherever possible. Generosity breeds happiness!

Just a few thoughts – sure you could add many more. As always, it takes practice, discipline and determination (with feedback) to embed these kinds of attitudes so they become habits – but boy is it worth the effort!

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