Real-ly positive

Much is said about how in order to be successful you must have a positive attitude – and I agree with this 100%.

I’m sure though that we’ve all had those experiences of meeting ‘hyper-positive’ people for whom everything is always ‘Amazing!’, ‘Couldn’t be better’, ‘On top of the world’, ‘Absolutely brilliant’, in a way that makes you feel that you never get to meet the real person and develop a meaningful relationship with them.

At the other end of the scale are those utterly negative people for whom the glass is always half empty, and listening to them you can tangibly feel the energy and inspiration draining away from inside you!

So what does a genuine positive attitude look like? What does it mean to be really positive? I’ve been pondering these questions, and venture to share with you a few thoughts.

– it is possible to be genuinely positive on a consistent daily basis, maintaining our focus on successes, opportunities and possibilities with a cheerful, grateful outlook on life

– its equally important to speak with honesty about the challenges, obstacles and setbacks that we experience and that whilst we may not disclose these right away, or to everyone, its an essential element in building lasting relationships of any depth and trust.

– staying positive takes a lot of practice, and mastering self-motivation skills such as affirmation and visualisation, and building them into your daily routine, are hugely important, as is maintaining a genuine interest in other people rather than becoming too self-focussed.

Its just a few thoughts on the subject; I’m sure you could add plenty more.

Have a real-ly positive day!


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