Is there anything that you’d like to change just now?

How important is this to you?

What are you prepared to do to achieve this?

When someone decides they’d like to improve their fitness and health in some way, we describe this process as ‘conditioning’ – i.e. it will take time and REPEATED ACTIVITY in order to make any kind of significant progress.

This process is really how we affect any kind of change or take on any new habit. If we want to become more organised, reading a quick self-help book on personal organisation, or (dare I say it) attending an LMI one day workshop  wont do the job for you (which is why we always supply tools to drive continued action). You have to take a new idea, think about how best to action this in your own situation, then practice, practice, practice until it becomes a new habit.

If I want to develop my listening skills, or whatever it is that I want to do differently (better!), I have to practice daily so that I become conditioned as a good listener.

It’s a simple idea – but really easy to miss, and so many good intentions get shipwrecked on the rocks of short-termism!

Like learning to drive, its hard at first and requires great effort, commitment and perseverance, but gradually becomes easier and eventually, automatic.

“I must get in the habit of keeping on top of my accounts”

“I really should get better at tracking my appointments”

“I need to get a system for ordering my contacts and following them up”

“I’ve gotta get home on time more often to eat with the family”

What could you start doing today that in a month’s time will be a new habit that makes your life / business / relationships more successful?

I know I can think of plenty…and the trick is to tackle them one by one.


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