Some top tips for a highly ineffective festive season!

Start putting things off now until the new year.

Although its not even the last week of November yet, put your mind into ‘holiday mode’ – start putting off important meetings and serious decisions until after your Christmas holiday, or better still, leave it until mid-January at least.

Remind yourself how hard you’ve been working

You can get all focussed on worthwhile goals that you’ve set yourself and engage your efforts with enthusiasm and vigour towards achieving those goals. This has to stop! Remind yourself how hard you’ve been working since your summer break; rehearse again and again that great thing you did back in September, that breakthrough you had in October and the really great week you had at the start of November. Don’t allow these positive memories to inspire you to press on energetically, rather sit back and reflect. Tell yourself you’ve done enough and that you’re getting tired and need a break.

Schedule some of your best time for web browsing

We all have times of the day when we are more productive than at other times. The trick is, especially at this time of year, to block out some of your best time to get on the internet and start looking into where the best offers are, compiling that Amazon wish list and ‘monitoring’ on ebay the prices of that gadget you want. Then there’s the gifts for the rellies, the long-lost friends and, of course, the office ‘Secret Santa’! You don’t want to fall into the trap of working hard during the day and doing all this in the evenings – just in case you miss an all-important detail about that night’s Bushtucker Trial. Punctuate your days with web window shopping and you’ll hit new heights of festive faffing!

Season’s procrastinations to you all!

to be continued…

One Response to Some top tips for a highly ineffective festive season!

  1. Oh man, this is right up my street. Now, if I could just get out of going shopping at all I’d be in heaven.

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