Paul J. Meyer – learn from a great

In light of the upcoming Sales Forum taster session, and the full program starting in September, I’m looking a lot at the whole area of sales and in doing so, came across a couple of quotes that really underline the quality of the guy who wrote the LMI course, Paul J. Meyer, and what a fantastic opportunity it is to learn from his immense wisdom and experience:

“Paul J. Meyer is the greatest salesman ever to wear shoe leather” (W.Clement Stone)

“To succeed beyond your wildest dreams, selling will be a part of it. Let Paul J. Meyer, the master of selling, be your guide.” (Ken Blanchard)

The LMI sales program, as with all the LMI materials, is no theory – its been proven by its author and many who’ve followed him since…this stuff works! Using materials provided in both written and audio form, application and action questions, a personal plan of action and applied goal-setting, all who participate experience significant results in their business as well as hugely beneficial personal development side-effects!

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