Results-oriented training

Everybody knows that money is tight. We’re in an ‘age of austerity’, we’re tightening our belts. Never has it been more important to consider that what we spend must give us significant return on investment (ROI) that drives business forwards, stimulates productivity and boosts profits.

A recent article in EDGE stated that globally only 3% of companies measure ROI when it comes to training and that “increasingly, as budgets come under pressure and performance measures and outcomes become more important, training effectiveness will gain momentum”.

The answer is not to cut out training, but to invest in training and development that is measurable and directly relevant to the people being trained so that they can perform better as a result.

Its for exactly these reasons that in LMI, pre-course assessment and objective-setting for every participant is married with ongoing feedback between course director, participant AND participant’s manager. Our focus is always to deliver a tangible business benefit to the client and that is why globally our levels of repeat business are so high.

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