What if you never lacked motivation?

What would you accomplish if you never, ever lacked the motivation to enthusiastically set about doing whatever it is that you feel that you ought to / should do / could do?

It would be a very foolish thing to say, “do this” or “do that” and you’ll never experience motivation challenges ever again. However, it is very possible in a very short space of time to make a huge difference to your levels of motivation in the areas of life that are most important to you. How?

The goal setting process.

“O come on. We’ve tried that. We’ve had goals. Give us something new.”

You may have thought some of these things. But there is an ocean of difference between ‘having a goal’ that sits on your shelf somewhere and in the back of your mind, and using a goal setting process that identifies an important goal, considers the benefits of achieving it, the losses to be avoided if its not achieved, and then sets out detailed steps towards getting there!

This is the beginning of your motivation levels sky-rocketing as you experience continual success through accomplishing important goals on a daily basis…and this is one of the foundation principles of LMI.

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